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Gender (লিঙ্গ)

Posted on 3rd Aug 2022 12:24:47 AM Grammar

Gender পরিবর্তনের নিয়ম: Rule-1 কতগুলো noun এর ক্ষেত্রে সম্পূর্ণ ভিন্ন শব্দ ব্যবহার করে Feminine Gender করতে হয়। Masculine Feminine Father-বাবা Mother-মা Horse-ঘোড়া Mare-মাদী ঘোড়া Brother-ভাই Sister-বোন Monk-সন্ন্যাসী Nun-সন্ন্যাসিনী Husband-স্বামী Wife-স্ত্রী Boar-শূকর Sow-শূকরী King-রাজা Queen-রানী Bridegroom-বর Bride-কনে Fox-খেঁকশিয়াল Vixen-মাদী শিয়াল Lad-বালক Lass-বালিকা Dog-কুকুর Bitch-মাদীকুকুর Nephew-ভাইপো Niece-ভাইঝি

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Make Sentence with Word Meaning

Posted on 1st Jul 2022 11:22:09 PM Grammar

Across : I can swim across the river. Acting : She is our acting principal. Action : Adverbs say how an action is done. Active : He is an active worker. Address : This is my mailing address. Advice : Follow your doctor’s advice. Afraid : Don’t be afraid of natural disasters. Again : I want to go to school again soon. Agree : They agreed to run a race. Almost : Almost all students were present.

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Fill in the Blanks and Complete the Sentences

Posted on 30th Jun 2022 11:23:59 PM Grammar

1. I run in my free time. It keeps me---------. 2. I paint in my free time.---------gives---------pleasure. 3. I talk to my family in other countries in my free time. ---------keeps--------- connected. 4. I listen to music in my free time. ---------makes---------happy. 5. My grandmother exercises in her free time. ---------keeps---------healthy.

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Answering Short Questions of Class Six

Posted on 29th Jun 2022 09:48:26 PM Grammar

Q. Where is Jessica going? Ans: Jessica is going to Chattogram. Q. Why is Jessica going there?Ans: Jessica is going there to spend her holiday with her father. Q. Where is Jessica from? Ans: Jessica is from the United Kingdom. Q. Is Sima from Dhaka? Ans : No, she's from Sylhet. Q. Where is Sima going? Ans: Sima is going to Shylhet. Q. Where are Sima and Jessica? Ans: Sima and Jessica are at a railway station.

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Right Form of Verbs

Posted on 23rd Jun 2022 12:08:18 AM Grammar

Q. I am---------to Chattogram. (go) Ans: going Q. Our train is---------in 19 minutes. (leave) Ans: leaving Q. He---------a young man. (be) Ans: is Q. I---------him yesterday. (meet) Ans: met Q. I’m---------to the Book Fair. (go) Ans: going Q. She---------dresses. (make) Ans: makes Q. He---------to improve his English. (want) Ans: wants

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