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Write a paragraph about on Export Fair in 189 words

Posted on 27th Jun 2022 11:20:47 PM Paragraph

An export fair is a fair for the display of industrial goods to the foreign buyers to make them acquainted with the export of a country. It is an annual affair. An export fair is normally held once a year at a large open site in the capital of a country. The government makes all necessary arrangements to hold the fair.

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Write a paragraph on My Grandmother in 153 words

Posted on 27th Jun 2022 03:12:58 AM Paragraph

My Grandmother's name is Sajeda Chowdhury. She comes of respectable Muslim family. She can read and write. Now she is seventy. She can move easily. She is a gentle lady. She is also very kind to the post. She takes great care of all the members of the family. My grandmother loves me very much.

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Write a Paragraph on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic in 156 words

Posted on 19th Jun 2022 11:03:46 PM Paragraph, Composition

Coronavirus which is commonly called Covid-19; SARS-CoV-2 is an infectious disease. Coronavirus is a very small virus but most harmful virus. Coronavirus first identified during December, 2019 in Wuhan city of China. The most common symptoms of Coronavirus are Fever or chills, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue

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Write a paragraph on Your Favourite Author

Posted on 2nd Feb 2022 11:48:45 PM Paragraph, Composition

Rabindranath Tagore is my favourite author. He was born at Jorasanko Thakurbari in Kolkata on the 7 May, 1861. He had no regular school education. But his education was not neglected. Form the very boyhood he began to write poems of great merit and charm.

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Write a paragraph on Your Favourite Player

Posted on 7th Jan 2022 11:01:51 PM Paragraph, Composition

My favourite player is Sunil Manohar Gavaskar 'Sunny'. He is one of the greatest cricketers of the world and as a batsman he is a class by himself. He is called the 'Little Master' for his short size, and bright performance. He is renowned as the 'record-breaking Gavaskar' as he always lives to enjoy himself in making various new records. He has the records of highest test matches, highest run and so on.

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