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Write a Paragraph on Economic of Sharing and Caring

Posted on 3rd Dec 2021 10:51:03 PM Paragraph, Short Note

The current economy is the economy of selfishness. Here only the person thinks himself. But this is not desirable at all, because Allah created use to be dependent on each other. So we will be helping each other, and that this sharing and caring. Even footpath hawker set an example of

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Paragraph on Time Management

Posted on 3rd Dec 2021 10:45:02 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Time in human life is very precious. The time that has passed once cannot be brought back even with crores. It is not possible to improve life without taking advantage of time. So we will take advantage of time. ...Western civilization thinks all that in the present time. On the other hand our present is transient.

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Write a Paragraph about Mind Control

Posted on 3rd Dec 2021 10:38:56 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Every man wants to live in peace all time his life. Again, all people want to live self-respect and social status. Allah almighty has created us in huge talents which we cannot comprehend. Such a brain is a source of wonderful energy. Brain, mind, confidence and spiritual motivation affect us particularly.

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Paragraph on A Farmer

Posted on 21st Nov 2021 07:49:53 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Here 80% people are engaged in cultivation. A person who cultivates land is known as a farmer. Hasan is a farmer. He does not have his own land. He works for others. He wakes up before sunrise. Then he goes to the field to plough land. He takes the

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Paragraph on A Village Fair

Posted on 21st Nov 2021 07:46:32 PM Paragraph, Short Note

A village fair is a gathering of village people. It creates enthusiasm among themselves. A village fair is held annually on some religious occasions memory of some saint of the past. It is also held on the Bengali New Year's Day. It sits on any river bank, or in the yard of a temple or in a market

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