Fill in the Blanks and Complete the Sentences

Posted on 30th Jun 2022 11:23:59 PM Grammar

1. I run in my free time. It keeps me---------.

2. I paint in my free time.---------gives---------pleasure.

3. I talk to my family in other countries in my free time. ---------keeps--------- connected.

4. I listen to music in my free time. ---------makes---------happy.

5. My grandmother exercises in her free time. ---------keeps---------healthy.

6. My father writes poetry in his free time. ---------givespleasure.

7. A magazine about sports is a---------.

8. A magazine about clothes is a---------.

9. A magazine about money and banking is a---------.

10. A magazine about animals is a---------.

11. A magazine about going on holiday or going to other cities or countries is a---------.

12. A magazine about keeping fit and healthy is a---------.

13. Fat and oil are at the---------of the food pyramid.

14.  --------- say how an action is done.

15. The hare was the---------animal in the forest.

16. The tortoise was the---------animal in the forest.

17. One day, the tortoise and the hare---------.

18. The hare ran very quickly, but then he---------a nap.

19. The tortoise walked on---------.

20. While the hare was sleeping, the tortoise---------him.

21. The tortoise crossed the finish line first and---------the race.

22. ---------some fruit syrup and water into a glass.

23. ---------the fruit syrup and water together.

24. ---------some ice into small pieces.

25. --------- the pieces of ice into the glass.

26. ---------your sherbet.

27. ---------birds on strings!

28. The---------Olympic was held in Athens, Greece.

29. The United States was the host country of the--------- Olympics.

30. ---------was the host of the 17th Olympics.

31. The twentieth Olympics was held in---------.

32. The host country of the---------Olympics has a blue and yellow flag.

33. The---------Olympics was hosted by Mexico City.

34. The fourteenth Olympics was held in---------.

35. Paris was the host of the---------Olympics.

36. A---------works in school.

37. A---------studies computer science and can fix computer.

38. A---------looks after sick people and helps them to become healthy.

39. A---------flies planes.

40. A---------grows crops, such as rice.

41. A---------buys and sells things in Bangladesh or in other countries.

42. I can't see! It's very dark. Do you have any---------.

43. My torch doesn't work. It needs new---------.

44. We don't have any fresh food, but we can prepare some---------.

45. Rashed cut his hand! Bring me the---------.

46. Be prepared for---------. They can happen anytime.

47. Before an earthquake.
Keep some food and (a) in your home. You will also need a (b). because there may not be any electricity for a few days. You should have some (c). for your torch, too.

48. During an earthquake.
If you are in a building, get under a strong (a). Do not run down the (b) If you are outside, stay away from buildings or (c).

49. After an earthquake.
Do not go inside a (a) unless it is safe. If you have any cuts, get your (b) and cover the cut with a clean bandage. Sometimes there are (c) after an earthquake.

Answer: 1. fit, 2. it, me, 3. it, me, 4. it, me, 5. it, her, 6. it, him, 7. sports magazine, 8. fashion magazine, 9. business magazine, 10. wildlife magazine, 11. travel magazine, 12. health magazine, 13. top, 14, Adverbs, 15. fastest, 16. slowest, 17. raced, 18. took, 19. and, on, 20. crossed/passed, 21. won, 22. pour, 23. stir, 24. Crush, 25. Drop, 26. Drink, 27. Make, 28. First, 29. 10th, 30. Italy, 31. Munich, Germany, 32, 5th, 33. 19th, 34, London, United Kingdom, 35. 8th, 36. teacher, 37. computer engineer, 38. doctor, 39. pilot, 40. farmer, 41. business person, 42. torch, 43. batteries, 44. dried foods, 45. First-aid kit, 46. earthquake. 47. a) water, b) torch, c) batteries. 48. a) furniture/surface, b) stair, c) electric polls, 49. a) building, b) First-aid kit, c) aftershocks.