Right Form of Verbs

Posted on 23rd Jun 2022 12:08:18 AM Grammar

Q. I am---------to Chattogram. (go)
Ans: going

Q. Our train is---------in 19 minutes. (leave)
Ans: leaving

Q. He---------a young man. (be)
Ans: is

Q. I---------him yesterday. (meet)
Ans: met

Q. I’m---------to the Book Fair. (go)
Ans: going

Q. She---------dresses. (make)
Ans: makes

Q. He---------to improve his English. (want)
Ans: wants

Q. Talking on the internet---------you connected. (keep)
Ans: keeps

Q. I love---------funny stories. (read)
Ans: reading

Q. What food---------good food. (be)
Ans: is

Q. It---------vitamins. (to have)
Ans: have

Q. What are you---------Nasreen? (do)
Ans: doing

Q. She also---------very warm. (feel)
Ans: feels

Q. Eat food that---------your body energy. (give)
Ans: gives

Q. Are you---------? (cough)
Ans: coughing

Q. I’ve---------a lot. (cough)
Ans: coughing

Q. After college Raju---------a volunteer fire department. (join)
Ans: joined

Q. He---------teaching very much. (like)
Ans: likes

Q. Raju---------school. (visit)
Ans: visits

Q. He---------to students about fire safety. (talk)
Ans: talks

Q. A dressmaker---------dresses. (make)
Ans: makes

Q. He---------crops. (grow)
Ans: grows

Q. He---------bread. (bake)
Ans: bakes

Q. The district---------8 municipalities. (to have)
Ans: has

Q. The cruises---------exciting and safe. (be)
Ans: are

Q. That---------wonderful. (sound)
Ans: sounds

Q. The tortoise---------angry. (feel)
Ans: felt

Q. One day a hare was---------in the forest. (walk)
Ans: walking

Q.  The tortoise---------steadily. (walk)
Ans: walked

Q. Soon he---------the sleeping hare. (pass)
Ans: passed

Q. The hare---------for an hour. (sleep)
Ans: slept

Q. The tortoise---------the competition. (win)
Ans: won

Q. The gifts are---------in colourful paper. (wrap)
Ans: wrapped

Q. I hope your father---------well soon. (get)
Ans: gets

Q. He---------kabadi and volleyball. (play)
Ans: plays

Q. The modern Olympic Games---------in 1896. (start)
Ans: started

Q. The city---------streets. (to have)
Ans: has

Q. What was the birds---------? (do)
Ans: doing

Q. Our class---------on a field trip yesterday. (go)
Ans: went

Q. We---------the museum at 10 am. (reach)
Ans: reached

Q. A guide was---------for us. (wait)
Ans: waiting

Q. We---------the museum at 12:30 pm. (leave)
Ans: left

Q. Maria---------up early. (get)
Ans: gets

Q. She---------happy. (feel)
Ans: feels

Q. She---------to school everyday. (go)
Ans: goes

Q. She---------reading poems and history. (enjoy)
Ans: enjoys

Q. Last January I---------to a cub camporee. (go)
Ans: went

Q. The cub camporee---------place in Sreemangal. (take)
Ans: took

Q. We---------from Dhaka to Sreemangal by train. (travel)
Ans: traveled

Q. I---------to Sonargaon last year. (go)
Ans: went

Q. Laila and Bithi---------friends. (be)
Ans: are

Q. Nipa and grandfather were---------. (go)
Ans: gone

Q. After cyclone Aila, people---------together. (work)
Ans: worked

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